History of jockstrap.

From the Olympic arenas and several established wrestling gyms known as palaestrae of Ancient Greece, all the way to the athletes of today.

The loincloth, which has now evolved into the Jockstrap and the Male Thong has always been inherent to sport.

Ultimately enhancing both comfort and performance in physical sporting activities, the jockstrap and male thong which are still used in sports today are now also considered as an essential statement piece for the fashion forward male.

Building on from the origins of the Loincloth, kust’s new line of jockstraps and its newly launched male thongs are the ultimate go to statement pieces no matter your pursuit.

Made from premium organic mercerized cotton – Kust’s new range of undergarments offer ultimate comfort with a retro finish – along with a guarantee to turn heads and keep you feeling fresh throughout.

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