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Exceptionally rich cream for the care of the eye area with addition of magnetic natural scent of incense. Dedicated to the delicate skin around the eye. Created for the demanding care, hydration and stimulation of these very sensitive parts of the skin. Tsubaki oil, or camellia oil, is a rich source of vitamins A, B, C and E and polyphenols that act as antioxidants, and additionally help to keep the skin moisturised and prevent it from drying out. Dragon’s blood, or the sap of the Crotona Lechleri tree, is 2 to 2,000 times more antioxidant than other known antioxidants. It makes your skin nourished, soothed and brightened. It has huge regenerating action, increases the number of fibroblasts in the skin and stimulates blood circulation.

The care ritual:

Apply a small amount of the cream on the cleansed and moisturized skin around the eyes. Pat lightly and gently, avoiding the eye gap. To enhance the effects of the cream, you can massage the skin around the eye very gently. The cream is perfect for use, especially at night.


Cosmetics are external use only. Shake well before use. Delamination is natural and does not affect the quality and performance of the product. Apply with clean hands. Store in a cool, dry and shady place (we highly recommend keeping our cosmetics in your fridge). Our products are handcrafted In harmony with nature. Ingredients are natural and top quality, therefore individual batches of cosmetics may differ slightly from each other. Natural ingredients can cause allergic reactions. In the event of such as reaction, please stop using the cosmetic and report this reaction to us by e-mail: contact@kuststore.com

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